Chow Kit Kids and theCommunity

The main core of our program is education. It is the first ripple effect when that droplet of water touches the surface. For us it is when you change your drinking water to our brand you will be sponsoring an underprivilege child in their education. So stay tune to this space for more update on the Chow Kit Kids


Learning How To Learn Program
Venue: SRJK (T) Simpang Lima Klang.
Program Launch: 3/9/2015
SRJK (T) Simpang Lima Klang. Total no of students 31. Viva Starfish inaugural initiative together with Rotary Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang. This program will run for a total of 3 months at this school
Development Program for Rehab Centers

Even those who had made bad decisions in their past, needs second chances. Viva Starfish creates business modals for the centers to facilitate their students in entering back to the society, as well as to sustain the centers in their daily activities. If the world has rejected them, we employ them to restore hope and dignity


Viva TopShots Flood Relief
Location: Kemaman, Terengganu
Date: December 2013

Together with the volunteers from SapuraKencana Petroleum and MyLandy’s Club, Viva brought cheers and joy to dozens of village folks by distributing supplies as well as spreading love and hope to some 100 village children and women when Viva came back for a second time on┬átheir own.

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Morib Beach Clean Up
19th September 2015 8.00am

In collaboration with Rotary Club Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang, we will be here to support this cause and to extend our time and effort to make this a success. And of course our range of Viva Starfish RO Premium Water Bottles as well as our 19 Litres RO Bottles will make its grand debut here.

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