Finding a job for the jobless in KL City’s homeless

Our Integrity Department led by Edna Sung heard about an initiative by a group of volunteers who were featured in The Malaysian Insider, of which they would be having a night market outside of Chow Kit area on Friday. The concept is that a few stalls would be set up concentrating on clothes, non-perishable goods, shoes and other daily household items and that the homeless could browse around to see what they need. The fantastic part is that the goods will be given out FREE OF CHARGE.

The event was started with a prayer to bless those who were there and to wish for those who receive the hand outs to be in a slightly better state than they were a few hours ago.

At exactly 11.05pm the market was open for business.


With the guidance of the veteran volunteers there namely Syed Azmi and Joycelyn Lee, Jerry and I managed to talk to about 6 men who were eager to find jobs. Due to time constraint we told them we would come back next week to the same place for a thorough interview. They were elated and really looked forward to it. However we did get to talk in depth to one of them, a 40 year old father of 3 kids. And guess what, today, Sunday, 4th October 2015 at around 12pm, we offered him a supervisory job to oversee our warehouse! There was an over flowing emotion of satisfaction and relief not only for Raj but for the both of us. It just felt great! More stories on a later day!

They are no limits as to how many one can take but as we were there yesterday experiencing the culture, there was a sense of discipline and order among the volunteers and homeless crowd.

..back to the free night market.. 🙂
As Jerry and I observed how transactions were being done and how once a used item is now regarded as precious and essential to live, we were both intrigue by the concept and touched by the fact that the urban poor are really struggling. This is just a culture that most of us do not want to accept or do not have the chance to experience due to our busy lives.

We hope to at least touch a life or two in our initiative. And of course by changing your preference of drinking water to our BRAND, you will definitely play a huge part in this movement.

“Change Your Water, Change A Life”
Read us up in The Malaysian Insider

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