A day of sun and fun at Kemaman, December 2013

Two weeks after our first humanitarian aid trip to Kemaman, Viva Topshot under our parent company Viva Odyssey decided to go for another trip, and this time it was not about distributing supplies or food, we went there to have fun… literally… and of course with the villages!

Our Integrity and Operations Director, Edna Sung headed this team of enthusiastic 30-40 something year old adults to just let down their hair and mingle with the village kids and mothers, as the fathers were at work for the day. It was considered a day off from cleaning, washing and brushing the walls and floors of their houses and surroundings. Truly a golden smile in each and every child there!

The girls of Viva Topshot managed to play a game of Captain Ball with the mothers. Needless to say we were trashed 10-0 by these seemingly timid yet athletic bunch of mothers with tudungs and baju kurungs. Sigh… Edna was the goal keeper and she got bull dozed by one small size mak cik. Tough luck there girl! 😛

All in all it was an event that each of us at Viva Topshot will not forget. We hope that we had given a day of fun, rejuvenation and upliftment to these particular village and that somehow with the interactions we had some lives were changed and touched in the process.

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